The modern solar panel market in the United States includes hundreds of famous brands. Many companies like SolarTech Universal and Heliene are the leading representatives of the country’s solar energy market. It is worth noting that American consumers use domestic brands because they need a guarantee and overall workmanship. American panels created by modern technologies, due to which they can serve continuously for up to 25 years.

It is a very serious indicator that allows you to rely on the full return and payback of solar panels in the future. It is worth noting that the procedure for choosing the right equipment is very difficult. You need to consider many aspects, nuances and choose the best manufacturer. Perhaps some people have already had a positive experience buying a particular brand-name product. Then such buyers adhere to the classic repeat purchase model.

Nevertheless, you need to understand the basic aspects of battery selection and the dependence on the country of production. Further in the article, we will talk about some of the events that are popularizing American manufacturers of solar panels.


Trump’s New Solar Strategy

In early 2018, President Trump signed a decree establishing a 30 percent tax on imported solar panels. These parameters will fall by 5% every year up to 15% by 2022. This action is designed to stimulate domestic producers and introduce trade restrictions on imported products.

Regardless of the desire of users to buy foreign goods, a domestic product will be much cheaper. All foreign companies will have to raise the price to offset this tax. It opens up new opportunities for American companies and makes their products more profitable to buy in the United States.

Monthly U.S. imports of solar photovoltaic modules, January 2017 through April 2019

In general, it will positively contribute to the growth of green energy in the country. Let’s look at the top American manufacturers of solar panels to understand what choices you need to make to electrify your home.


Most Famous US Solar Panel Companies



It is one of the largest American companies with many grants in Minnesota. The company is working on a unique 96 cell model with a capacity of over 490 Wp. New technologies have allowed increasing efficiency by 19% and creating a precedent that is unattainable for many other foreign companies. This organization constantly improves production capacity and applies the latest technology so that the solar panels last longer and do not fail under various weather conditions.


Mission Solar

72M Heliene solar panelThis company is located in Texas and provides some of the most light-sensitive solar panels. This means that you can get the maximum flow of electricity even with cloudy weather, precipitation and not a big ball of snow. The company has developed a special model with 72 cells and increased capacity that allows you to accumulate a charge of energy faster to meet the needs of each household.

The company is very popular in Texas because it provides the most efficient solar panels for local needs. The company also works according to modern environmental standards and minimizes the emission of harmful substances into the environment.





Silfab Solar

Silfab BL 126 Module Angle 2019Silfab Solar is one of the pioneers of solar energy in the United States. The company has existed for more than 35 years and has managed to create many interesting multifunctional solar panels. The organization was one of the first to use a 120 element single-crystal module that allows energy storage to be 20% more efficient than standard panels.

The electricity collection system can reach a power of 450 watts and generate electricity without loss even in cloudy weather or weather. Since 2018, the company has expanded its activities in the US market and created several new plants, and unite with various companies. Today it is one of the giants of the solar industry in the USA which provides solar panels more than 10% of the country’s market.

It is worth noting that the company is constantly improving quality standards so that you can count on a decade of continuous operation without loss of accumulative abilities.

The company is aimed at the domestic market and creates products for small enterprises, commercial organizations, and individuals. You can purchase such panels for your home or any building to become autonomous.



This company is known for its technological inventions and innovative projects in California. The project management is working with South Korean and developers to create the most energy-efficient and environmentally friendly battery for storing sunlight. Thanks to new developments, the company was able to create the Solaria Power XT 360, which is the flagship product. Now each user can acquire a new invention and accumulate solar energy for their needs.

PowerXT vs traditional solar panel

Seraphim USA

seraphimusa solar panelThis company has a head office in Texas and develops solar panels from one hundred percent American raw materials. Their panels compare favorably with competitors in their resistance to aggressive substances and chemicals. The panels are not susceptible to corrosion; they continue to work effectively with fog, rain, and even chemical solutions. This allows you to mount solar panels in any aggressive environment with temperature extremes and physical impact on the panel. It is one of the best options if you are looking for reliable and durable technical elements to create your solar farm.





SolarTech Universal

solartechuniversal Logo BlackIf we talk about innovation, this company is without a doubt a leader in the American industry. EPIQ’s proprietary technology allows you to more efficiently store solar energy and reduce conversion losses. Reliable and resistant to physical activity elements allow you to use these panels in production and private needs. It is one of the few manufacturers in the country that has a fully patented original technology.


The company also stands at the forefront of innovation. Their single-crystal panels are one of the most popular in the private sector. Homeowners and small companies buy these items to assemble solar farms. The company’s product has won many prestigious American awards and is one of the most profitable options for the long term. If you want to build a home solar panel for energy storage, this is one of the best options.

Suniva America’s Leading Solar Manufacturer

Why Should You By an American Product?

American companies have consistently high-quality products. This is due to stringent standards and high competition. Companies listed in the article are less than 1% nationwide. These are only the most successful options that are currently available on the market.

You can also find good options among foreign brands as competition is a positive factor for the end-user. Compare products and find the most favorable ratio in price and quality. It is worth noting that many American companies have production in China and cooperate with many organizations and brands around the world.

Certainly, you can buy an American product for patriotic reasons and a desire to support the manufacturer. You can also find all the interesting options and make a direct comparison to decide on the final purchase.