Most states focus on green energy. It has become a part of national politics. In particular, Rhode Island Gov. Gina Raimondo signed a decree on the transition to 100% renewable energy policies by 2030. This ambitious plan is dictated by the need to modernize and reduce environmental damage. The state’s Office of Energy Resources plans to conduct a comprehensive analysis and submit a report to the governor by the end of the year. It will help to start a package of measures for the transition to renewable energy sources.

Emma Searson will lead the Renewable campaign. She believes that the governor made the right choice by signing the directive. The state could become a springboard for the development of green energy in other regions. The new initiative is a reality.

A number of structural changes are already leading to positive results. In particular, new production technologies allow producing electricity as efficiently as possible. Companies are doing everything possible to increase fault tolerance during generation and are working on a new design. Thanks to the development of scientists and technologists, each state can count on the implementation of new technologies. The production capacity is enough to switch to clean energy thoroughly. It will improve the state of the environment and provide a clean future for all the people.

Recall that the government launched the initiative last year. Ten states are now committed to a complete transition to clean and renewable energy. Thanks to the support, this initiative will become a reality in the next ten years. Today, many states have already begun the gradual introduction of green technology. Now replacing obsolete technology is only a matter of time. The new initiative will allow states to become more non-volatile and protect the environment. The society also welcomed new changes. The population believes that renewable energy will enable the state to prosper.