This 300W model is one of the most portable solutions on the market and is highly waterproof and corrosion-resistant. You can rely on PERC cells and convenient MC4 connectors to connect various peripheral devices. It is a competitive and high-quality product that will provide you stable electricity. Despite the relatively massive body, it is still a portable device that can be transported by car or even carried over short distances in the hands.

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The solar panel is compatible with various 24V devices. It is also worth noting the MC4 connectors that simplify the installation of various devices as well as male and female units. You can count on any serial connection and installation within the whole system. In general, this is a fairly versatile equipment that will allow you to connect various devices in several stages.


This device is quite durable and thanks to the tempered glass and anti-corrosion coating of the aluminum case. Overall build quality: The very high tightness of the structure allows it to withstand various atmospheric phenomena. You can count on the fact that this panel can withstand hail, snow and intense rainfall. In general, you can count on years of use of the panel without significant deformation.

Ease Of Use

The model is equipped with special holes for mounting and using special brackets. There are also grounding holes and MC4 connectors for serial connection of various equipment and peripherals. Convenient compact size facilitates installation and allows you to mount the panel on any surface. You can easily use the charge controller will function without restrictions.


The PERC system provides more energy from a passive radiator. The system of anti-glare properties allows photons to be captured in larger quantities and provides fast charging with more compact body sizes.


The panel has a characteristic color and black frames around the edges. The back panel is made of white solid sheet and has mono-Si cells. Cell density allows high efficiency with standard sizes.


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What We Like

The size of the panel is one of the main advantages that motivate people to buy this device. With all compact parameters, the panel has a long service life and special fasteners for brackets. Waterproof case and 300W power make this device one of the best choices at the moment. It is also a fairly affordable solution that does not burden your budget.


  • PERC cells
  • Great quality of components
  • Pre-drilled holes
  • It’s completely ground-mount compatible


  • Poor Packing quality