The Renogy 100-Watt 12 Volt panel is a great tool that you can use at home to connect various electrical appliances. It is worth noting that the panel design is one of the advantages, while the peak load corresponds to 105W or more. In general, the stainless steel construction can withstand various weather conditions, and the MC4 connectors are a great addition. In general, this is a working solar panel that can perform various options and is useful in everyday life for many residents of private homes.



The device connects to any device with a 12V rating. You can connect various types of batteries and devices with alternating current. In general, this panel can charge various stations for up to 5 hours. You can also combine multiple units with batteries thanks to the MC4 connector. This will allow you to organize all the switching quickly and without loss of electricity.


Renogy uses tempered glass construction that protects solar panels. The general frame is corrosion resistant and made of aluminum. The overall design is very light and reliable. You can install it on any surface and count on full waterproofness. Any precipitation or other physical abnormalities cannot harm this panel. This is one of the best options on the market at the moment in terms of price and quality.

Ease Of Use

The main advantage of the design is a lightweight of about 20 pounds. Also, you can easily connect any device thanks to the MC4 connector. Any battery packs, panels, and other devices can be connected without additional action. A set of brackets and special instruments will simplify installation, and the complete set is enough for you to use the panels in any conditions. In general, the average user does not experience any difficulties using this device.


It is a portable panel that has a power of 100-110 watts and is capable of generating enough energy to power various batteries. A special monocrystalline solar panel is resistant to weather changes and capable of accumulating significant amounts of solar radiation. This means that you can effectively, all your devices and ensure the smooth operation of all necessary devices. Reliable design and bypass diode will allow you not to worry about the durability of the device.


The panel has a stylish design and anti-reflective glass coating on the front panel. The laminated panel is convenient to use, while the overall design solutions harmoniously blend with various structural elements. In general, this model which I have no obvious flaws and can greatly simplify the daily life of many people. Ergonomics and thoughtful interface and contribute to the convenient use of the panel in everyday life.

What We Like

This is a successful average product that is suitable for regular use. The anti-glare glass frame, monocrystalline solar panel and the ability to connect various batteries are convenient for everyday use. Lightweight and good features make this device the best choice for the money.


  • Good construction quality
  • EL cells with no hotspots
  • Bypass diode & MC4 connectors


  • No mounting equipment