Many farms need Solar Electric Fence Chargers. The fact is that cattle can easily break the hedge or get out of the corral. It creates a lot of problems for farmers. Also, do not forget about wild animals. Wolves, foxes, coyotes, and other animals regularly visit human territory. Pets can quickly become their prey. In this situation, livestock farmers establish a hedge around a pasture or a separate area…

The problem is that a monolithic hedge is unreasonably expensive, and a regular grid allows small animals to pass through. You can connect electricity to a metal fence, but farmers are forbidden to use operating voltage. It is an excellent solution to the problem. Low-voltage current will not harm domestic animals or predators but will scare them away. Such devices are independent of the global network and can work for a long time on batteries. Let’s look at the best options on the market.

1. Parmak MAG12-SP Solar Electric Fence Charger


Parmak MAG12-SP Solar Electric Fence Charger



This versatile device is perfect for medium and small pastures. All-American manufacturing means high quality and fault tolerance. The battery supports the operation of the electric hedge at night, and the battery provides continuous operation during the day. Many technical experts claim that this is one of the best options for everyday use.

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Each farmer can install this device and not worry about the fact that extraneous species of animals may disturb its territory. It is worth carefully reading the technical specifications that will allow you to draw conclusions about the format of the device. This is one of the best options that will suit every user. The device supports three modes and a performance testing mode. You can monitor the health of the system, test the battery capacity, and adjust the operating modes. It supports the eleven thousand volts with a range of up to thirty miles.

It should be noted that the product is the most reliable and provides high resistance to weather conditions. This means that you can count on long-term operation even in the most difficult conditions. It is suitable for controlling various animals and helps to effectively protect the territory. Now you do not need to worry about technical aspects and safety. All your animals will be in one place.

2. Parmak DF-SP-LI Solar Electric Fence Charger

Parmak DF-SP-LI Solar Electric Fence Charger

It is a great option for medium and small pasture. It is worth noting that in addition to solar panels, the device has a six-volt battery with the option of fast charging. You can use this gadget to cover a 25-mile fence. It is worth noting that the manufacturer gives a three-year warranty. You can hedge pasture for horses and cattle. It is worth noting that this is an excellent option for protection against wild animals and fencing pigs, goats, and other types of livestock. You can test the battery for a malfunction and monitor the charge level.

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The device performs well in the field and is capable of supporting long-term battery life. It is worth noting that the chipset was created according to the military standard so you should not be afraid of short circuits and other technical failures. This means that you do not need regular repairs to the device. Just a few specialized checks and you can enjoy the full functioning of the device.

3. Zareba ESP10M-Z Solar Electric Fence Charger

Zareba ESP10M-Z Solar Electric Fence Charger

This device can cover up to 10 miles of hedge and feed electricity with a current of 0.15.0 for smooth-haired cattle of various sizes. You can effectively protect animals from the environment. It is worth noting that a 6-volt battery can withstand up to 2 weeks without recharging when using solar panels. And you need to recharge the battery at home so that it can work effectively in the field. In general, this device is intended for daily use.

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4. Patriot SolarGuard 50 Fence Energizer

Patriot SolarGuard 50 Fence Energizer

It is worth noting that the device is especially popular among farmers and livestock breeders. He established himself as the most multifunctional and life-resistant device for protecting a certain territory. Now you can not worry about the fact that extraneous animals can enter your territory. You will also save all your livestock in one place. This is very convenient since you do not need to worry about what aspects every day. A system with batteries and panels will allow the electric city to function for as long as possible. This is one of the best options for everyday use in a small area.

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It is a portable device that is designed for the local area and small pens. You can charge a 6-volt battery from the sun using solar panels. Thanks to integration into the fence, you can control the movement of cattle, chickens, pigs, and other types of animals. Various pests and wild animals will also not be able to penetrate your site due to the reliable operation of the device. A particular battery indicator will show you when the device is discharged or malfunctioning. It is very convenient for maintenance and daily repair.

5. Zareba ESP2M-Z

Zareba ESP2M-Z

It is perfect for the local area if you need to protect anything from pets or pests. You can create a protective barrier up to one mile long and use a 4-volt battery even at night. The system works without recharging up to 2 weeks. It is worth noting that the device has a convenient interface and the ability to control various functions quickly. It comes with a protective cover that will help protect the device from weather conditions.

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6. Patriot SolarGuard 155 Fence Energizer

Patriot SolarGuard 155 Fence Energizer

It differs from its competitors in a stylish design and a convenient handle for transportation. You can easily mount this device on the fence. The 12-volt battery allows you to power an electric hedge up to 2 km long. Low impedance will enable you to keep the battery charge up to 21 days until the moment of complete discharge. A reliable protection algorithm and economical energy consumption combined with capacious and dependable solar panels. The modern single-crystal panel provides protection against damage and can last for a long period of time. It is one of the most reliable options on the market at the moment.

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It is equipped with a reliable metal case that protects damaged devices. A capacious battery allows you to power a hedge up to 15 miles long. It is worth noting that contact with vegetation reduces the range and power of the charge. Installed solar panels allow you to recharge the battery and provide contact with electricity. Convenient indicators allow you to monitor the status of the battery and switch toggle switches if you need to change the operating mode. The device is as reliable as possible and allows you to mount it in the most aggressive environment.

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Modern technologies and complete protection from the environment guarantee you an independent technical process and the functioning of the device offline. Even if the solar battery will not receive direct rays, you can count on long battery life. Set up your device for daily uptime and get all the benefits of protected areas.

8. Fi-Shock ESP2M-FS

Fi-Shock ESP2M-FS

This device will allow you to control the hedge with electric power up to 2 miles. A convenient indicator and adjustable power allow you to protect the area of ​​movement in poultry, dogs, rabbits, and other small livestock. You can also protect your territory from annoying pests and small animals. The device is compatible with many semiconductors and types of metal alloys. A system with solar panels supports the operation of the device for a long period. You can count on a warranty of 1 year and a 4-volt battery that holds a charge of power for a very long time. The system is completely autonomous and does not require intervention. A convenient handle allows you to transport the device to the installation site.

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9. Silver Streak 12 Volt Lightning Diverter

It is one of the most powerful devices on this list. A powerful 12-volt battery provides power for more than 100 acres of area and has a reliable housing. The system is protected against lightning by a chain discharge. The battery itself is not included in the kit and must be purchased separately. The system is protected by various creams and allows you to set protection to control large pets and various pests. Thanks to the solar panels, long battery life is achieved. You can count on 15-20 days of continuous operation and protection of your territory. Reliable housing and the correct layout of the elements can count on long-term operation without warranty service.

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10. Gallagher S100 1.0 Joule

Gallagher S100 1.0 Joule

This portable device has a convenient interface and provides effective protection of the territory from pests and cattle. You can protect more than 10 acres of territory, and the battery can last up to 3 weeks without recharging. The housing is protected against moisture, electrostatic stress, and physical shock. The system operates in two modes of operation and allows you to work in half power. Thus, you can save battery power and turn it on at full capacity when animals are most active.

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The device is powered by solar panels and has a built-in battery. It ensures uninterrupted operation of the protection system of your site. It is worth noting that the production of this device is carried out at high-tech plants. Because of this, a high standard of quality and wear is maintained. You can operate this device in the most difficult conditions, even in heavy rain. Regardless of weather conditions, the solar battery will accumulate electricity. This allows you to protect your garden plot or farm.


Five Useful Things About Such Solar Chargers

The Device Specs

One of the main aspects is the range of capacity. This is an important point that you should consider before buying such a device. The fact is that the higher this indicator, the larger the area you can cover. Small range capacity guarantees you low efficiency and the possibility that the animal will ignore such protection. Choose a device carefully so as not to run into poor performance. The right choice of range capacity guarantees you a powerful hedge that will repel wild animals and cattle. Don’t forget about the range capacity formula:

Technical and Usage Options

Examine the voltage of each device and the type of animal for which it is suitable. It is worth noting that small animals like rabbits and hens require small energy and quickly respond to a small electric current. Cows, bulls, and deer need a high floor. And it is worth noting that predators will bypass the hedge only when struck by a flow of five thousand Volts. Pay attention to packaging and labeling. It contains the main information that will help you determine the data.

Power & Animals Aspects

One of the important options when choosing the device is joules. This parameter is responsible for what kind of electrical impulse the animal receives. You need to decide what type of animals should be protected by this barrier. The larger and stronger the animal, the higher the current should be.

zereba systems solar voltage testers

It should be noted that with a load of five hundred ohms, the pulse duration should not exceed ten milliseconds. Also, five joules is the limit for electric shock without damaging the soft tissues of the body. A little tension is suitable for rabbits, hens, and other small livestock. A stronger current will provide control of large animal predators.

The Special Conditions

The number of weeds can adversely affect the current strength. Electricity scattered over the grasses of the corresponding animal receiving much less electric shock. It is worth noting that the effective stress should take into account the volume of plants on the site. If this parameter matches and the animals will receive the necessary electric shock, and your hedge will be in integrity. It is worth noting that steel wire gives the best results when protecting a particular territory. Use a device with a voltage of five hundred ohms if you are counting on installation in conditions of common weeds. More powerful indicators will overcome this barrier.

Terms of Use

The warranty term is one of the critical factors when choosing this device. The average manufacturers give 1 to 3 years of assurance, depending on the power of the device and the manufacturer. Choose those devices that have the most significant guarantee. It will save you time and money on equipment repair. To select exclusively verified manufacturers according to reviews and warranties.

It is worth paying attention to those products that will last a maximum period of time. Look at the country of manufacture and the nuances of warranty service. Some manufacturers write additional terms in small handwriting. This means that additional nuances can negate warranty service. Only the most respected honest manufacturer are worthy of attention. Look at devices with a two or three year warranty period. This is the best option in modern conditions.

Types of Solar Electric Fence Chargers

Continuous output devices consume more power. Continuous current drains the battery faster but provides stable protection against pests and predators. Solid-state devices produce short-term medium-power pulses. It is an intermediate option, the most effective with an average level of weeds. Low impedance technology devices are a universal option. Low electrical resistance effectively copes with the basic options for protecting the site. The choice of one of the three types of devices depends on the type of your conditions, the length of the fence, and the size of the animals on the farm.

It works great on battery power when the panels are off. This allows you to expect maximum service life. Also, the battery design itself is designed for many recharge cycles, so you should not worry. Such a parameter as the device’s memory is missing so you can charge and discharge the device the maximum number of times. It is worth noting that these devices are most effective in medium areas. It is a standard usage format that will suit many people.

Where to Install the Device

The first one is the type of device that must withstand challenging weather conditions. Ideally, solar panels will receive UV anywhere. Nevertheless, you should worry about installing the equipment on the face with direct exposure to sunlight. It will increase the duration of the charge and help to avoid spontaneous shutdowns. It is also necessary to install panels in places inaccessible to animals. The board should be not far from the hedge so that the current not lost during connection to the network. Choose the correct distance and layout of the elements so as not to damage the device.

It is best if you prepare the site in advance. Create a fenced area with a minimum amount of metal wire. It is best to draw two or three rows in order to protect the territory. It will allow you to achieve the best electrical conductivity and help you save on wire. It’s also better to clear the area of weeds so that you do not lose power in vain. It will allow you to drain the battery less and protect the area more effectively from unwanted animals and your pets.

Main Stuff Benefits

Hedge Chargers are an excellent option in those conditions when it is difficult for you to draw a power line to pastures or law with animals. The solar panel guarantees the economical use of electricity and the ability to eliminate costly connections. The devices are straightforward to use so that you can install and configure. Posting costs and other supplies provide a low budget for each farmer and livestock farmer. You are entirely independent of the AC source and can rely on the functioning of the device in any weather. The solar panel provides uninterrupted power and economical battery consumption.

Installation Aspects

Do not forget that it is a device to protect the territory from pests and predators. That is why safety should be the first and most important factor when installing this device. First of all, you must disconnect it from the power to fix it safely on a wooden pole. Next, you need to connect all the terminals and install a device for connecting electricity.

Set the device off for 3-4 days so that solar panels can charge it. Further, it is necessary to test the input and output voltage and the effect of dissipation of electricity. These tests should show how well the current goes through the system. After these actions, you can be sure that the hedge encloses the territory and provides reliable protection against the selected type of animals.