Origis Services announced the construction of solar and energy storage Remote Operations Centers. It is the largest project that will allow the creation of a 10,000 square foot solar energy storage center. Thanks to the vast territory, 70 people will be needed, and about five hundred technicians will support the work of the entire complex. It is expected that this center will become the central refuge for the accumulation of solar energy and will solve the problems of utility projects and energy distribution.

The technological structure corresponds to an innovative modern project and is aimed at creating an independent source of solar energy storage in the United States. It is a massive project that is invested by private companies and is aimed at the efficient provision of solar energy to the population.

The company’s main plan for the next five years is to increase energy supplies to 10 gigawatts. This project has ambitious goals and relies on active technological systems for monitoring and control of solar panels.

The main technology package to control all industry standards will be ERP. It will support the performance of all power plants at the hardware level. According to Michael Eyman, managing director, this center will be one of the most advanced in the world. Many people will be able to get a job, and the company will provide new tools for working with solar energy and the accumulation of them.

Also, the company supports all activities to create service support for all mechanical structures and create the necessary local factors to improve the accumulation of solar energy. The new project is ambitious and aimed at improving the condition of many Americans.