Developer Innergex Renewable Energy has entered into an agreement with the Hillcrest solar project for the 200 MWac. Today it is known that this project has a buyer, and the implementation of new initiatives will begin shortly. Innergex Renewable Energy has not officially disclosed the name of the buyer, but some estimates make it possible to pinpoint a specific organization.

In particular, it was a Hillcrest solar project. Because Ohio has passed a resolution on helping an economically disadvantageous power plant, the answer suggests itself. The Hillcrest solar project will have a US subsidy that will allow the installation of new solar panel installations in Ohio and the development of a green energy project. According to preliminary estimates, this will enable us to achieve new jobs.

The Hillcrest Solar Project

About 7,000 people will be able to find work in the new enterprise. This initiative plans to bring Ohio to a new stage of evolution and increase its rating in the overall energy situation in the country. This state is 28 rated in terms of economic importance.

Ohio plans to set up new facilities near Brown County. The project will allow controlling a lot of clean energy for the needs of the state and the country as a whole. The initiative was designed for the next five years, during which a modern technological base for the production of electricity will be created.

Thanks to the state support program, thousands of state citizens can get a new job. It planned that the company would purchase innovative equipment capable of providing the entire region with electricity. The commercial structure deals with all technical issues that will significantly expand production capabilities and create a suitable basis for new technological improvements. It is worth noting that Innergex Renewable Energy believes that “an investment grade rated US corporation” will help improve the current state of affairs and change the technical approach to general development.

At the moment, this is the largest solar project in Ohio, which has the prospect of a growing national level. With new investments, the project will be able to improve its performance and compete with neighboring states significantly. This project is designed to enhance the technical capabilities of modern power plants and create advanced developments that can lead the state economy to new achievements.