As part of the modernization of the OCI Solar Power‘s, Alamo I solar farm made several improvements to the solar farms and added new metric tracking technologies.

Now the solar power plant can more efficiently accumulate electricity and collect data on the status of all modules and components. The trackers replacing allowed creating a reliable foundation for future investors and balancing the overall design system.

OCI Solar Power is also working on a new inverter technology to improve total energy production and create a favorable format to support the health of the entire complex. According to Jason Thompson, OCI Construction Manager, the new modernization has become a new large-scale round of development of the whole power plant.

The final stage of work drew the line under the long-term efforts of the company. New technologies and advanced equipment will help to accumulate a more significant amount of electricity and increase the reliability of all power plants.

Since 2013, the power plant has received several changes and innovations that have increased the total capacity and allowed to give work to many people in the region. This project is one of the most advanced in America and produces a significant amount of electricity for the needs of ordinary citizens.

The solar station is 445 acres long. It’s situated at 2361 S. Blue Wing Road. The overall capacity was about 39.2 MWac and now it’s increasing constantly.

The new power plant features are a unique example of how solar energy can serve the people of America. New technological developments allow using the same area with greater efficiency at lower energy costs.