According to the latest information, the New York Public Service Commission took measures to consolidate utility bills and introduced consolidated billings into the public system of consumer services. Consolidated billing will help to improve the energy sector, help users to reduce the financial burden, and open up new opportunities to overcome barriers in economic development. Now, solar energy developers will be able to get an additional incentive to provide their services in the market in New York.

According to the Commission Chair, John B. Rhodes, the modern energy industry needs to be restructured. The New York Governor has set the goal of achieving 70% clean energy by 2030. It is a bold statement that must be consumed by reforms and the next steps to achieve a result. Renewable energy is a priority for government agencies, so distributed generation is significant for all communities. It is worth noting that CDG systems face several economic and geographical barriers that impede the development of the entire structure and the introduction of new technologies in modern standards of service delivery.

A new approach to market formation will help to install solar panels; it will reduce electricity bills and provide private individuals with affordable loans for installing solar panels. Consolidated billing and the fee can be automatically debited, which will increase the percentage of income and the distribution of the total cost. Consolidated billing will give an advantage to both consumers and the electricity supplier.

The Coalition for Community Solar Access (CCSA) and Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) issued a joint statement yesterday regarding consolidated billing. According to the organization, consolidated billing will help introduce new energy technologies, reduce the cost of solar energy for the population, and help private companies introduce solar technologies everywhere. It is a crucial step for New York because a simplified bill payment process will help stimulate the industry as a whole and bring a lot of structural innovations to the solar energy market.

Government agencies and public enterprises advocate for improving the right benefits for local suppliers and consumers. In the end, each user of solar energy will receive several advantages the ability to pay a transparent price for the services provided. Some social activists hope that the implementation of this initiative will help to reduce barriers for solar energy participants and make the industry consolidated for many people. Thanks to this, solar energy will develop, and the New York market will receive new investments. New York Solar Energy Industries Association (NYSEIA) also welcomes the decision of the commission and considers this a further step in the modern era of renewable energy.

According to David Gahl, senior director of state affairs, this is the best solution for New York’s public utilities because the introduction of consolidated billing will help achieve financial independence and honesty for each consumer. General invoice optimization will help organize various Solar programs more efficiently and provide affordable solar energy to every New Yorker. This program will be developed, providing each citizen with the opportunity to use clean, renewable energy.

Shortly, the implementation of the program and the implementation of all accepted activities for utilities and solar energy suppliers expected. It will reduce the pressure on the business sector and provide users with more transparent terms of cooperation. A new algorithm already developed will be introduced for the whole of New York.