With the new state policy for the development of the green energy sector, Nevada utility NV Energy will receive new solar batteries. New stuff has a unique storage system that will allow reaching the 690MW facility.

The project includes new technologies with photo-electric plates capable of accumulating more solar energy. As a result, new battery systems will be able to provide the necessary power reserve to give the citizens affordable green energy. It will not only reduce the effects of carbon emissions but also provide the region with three thousand new jobs. It will allow people to support the green economy and get decent jobs.

NV Energy also plans to create a utility commission to switch to solar power and reduce costs. Nevada is a great place to install solar panels and get alternative energy. Already this year, activities are planned, which will increase the capacity of electricity production to 4 gigabytes.

It will provide local needs by 20% and use more renewable energy sources. A unique program for the development of the region is planned until 2030. It aimed at improving the state of green energy in the sector. It will allow many private companies and utilities to access cheap electricity and provide power to the entire region.