According to representatives of JinkoSolar, the company has increased conversion efficiency by 22.49%. It allows setting a new pace in the industry and improving generally accepted standards. TÜV Rheinland conducted solar equipment testing.

Interesting fact: LONGi cells now have 24.06% efficiency. New modules work, taking into account the latest developments of the company’s engineers. Trina cells now have 24.58%. The leading specialists of the company and several foreign scientists participated in staff development. Jinko’s metrics are based on average full modules for the mass market. It is a serious indicator, and the company intends to increase it in the future. Advanced developments will help realize these ambitious plans.

JinkoSolar has developed a fundamentally new technology. It allows you to produce more energy-efficient cells and receive more solar energy. ARC equipment and tiling ribbon technology helps seal the arrangement of modules without harming the overall design. It directly affects the performance of the panels and their design. Innovative development affects the total cost of modules (LCOE) and allows you to come close to the production of traditional energy. Actual progress will allow achieving new indicators and records in the foreseeable future.

According to the comments of Dr. Jin Hao, Vice President of JinkoSolar is a step into the future. The new technology can significantly increase the efficiency of all industrial equipment and reduce production costs. The introduction of new technical innovations will positively affect the entire field of solar products and will allow a fresh look at the approaches to energy formation. The company aims to create change and strive to occupy leadership positions in the list of industrial reformers.