Not so long ago, LADWP revised many requirements regarding the installation of solar panels for small projects. Now the procedure for obtaining permits will be greatly simplified. First of all, the changes will affect the total cost of the work. Now installing solar panels in Los Angeles will be cheaper. Depending on the contractor and the overall project, citizens will be able to save from five hundred dollars to an impressive ten thousand. Now, most private owners do not need to mount blade switches and performance meters. This change will help reduce paperwork, speed up the installation process and get rid of overpayments for additional services.

Thanks to the efforts of LADWP Commissioner Aura Vasquez and Solar Forward CEO, Mark Smith, a dedicated working group has been working over the past year to develop new approaches to panel installation and improve legal aspects. Such cooperation allowed us to direct efforts to simplify the process of obtaining permits and reduce paperwork for the population. With the absence of unnecessary components in the system, the entire solar industry will receive a significant boost in development. Collaboration with local LA-based solar contractors helps identify important aspects of equipment installation and upgrade many technical aspects.

At the moment, the contact team is working with LADWP, local services, and industry representatives. The process takes time, as public and private entities must go through the process of resolving many technical aspects. This mainly applies to large solar farms and high-tech panels with increased power generation. Nevertheless, the dialogue process is proceeding positively. This will help develop the industry for the foreseeable future.

Starting from the end of November 2019, new rules regarding solar panels began to apply. Now systems with a total power of less than 30 kW will receive several simplifications for installation and maintenance of structures. The performance meter socket is no longer required to install in this case. If your system produces up to 20 kW, then you do not need to set disconnect switches. Such simplifications are associated with a long and fruitful study of technical aspects. A contact group of experts put forward this decision based on a desire to optimize work processes and reduce the financial burden on owners of solar systems.