At a recent press conference, IPL announced that the RFP would act on behalf of the company to meet the population’s electricity needs in the coming years. Indianapolis Power & Light Company is considering upgrading and replacing equipment to generate more electricity and provide 500,000 customers with all the necessary resources.

IPL announced that the new Petersburg Generating Station units would be out of service by 2023.

The latest activity of the company is aimed at promoting electricity and providing users with the opportunity to save using renewable energy sources. The next forecast for 20 years offers new prospects for the development of solar energy with a review every three years.

According to Vince Parisi, IPL President and CEO, the new resource development plans are based on renewable sources and a full balance of the overall technological concept to maximize electricity for consumers. The company’s unique portfolio will allow it to control the generated capacity and be flexible in a competitive environment.

All bidders will be able to get equal opportunities and adequate access to current market realities. The main goal of the company is the implementation of specific plans for the development of solar energy by 2023. The simulation system allows you to combine flexibility, energy efficiency, and renewable energy production. The new storage will allow us to accumulate a larger amount of electricity and provide all consumers with affordable tariffs. All applications of potential bidders meet the criteria that will enable realizing all planned activities.

IPL is currently engaged in various sources of fossil and renewable energy. From February 28, 2020, the process of accepting tenders will be completed, and all participants of the event will be determined.