Gas South recently teamed up with Georgia’s electric utility Cobb ЕМС to create a foothold for solar energy development and a storage network in Marietta, Georgia.

According to Peter Heintzelman, Cobb ЕМС, this collaboration will be a long-term perspective for the development of the entire state. New technologies and Green energy should develop everywhere, and this is only the first step. Cooperation will help to develop a project to create high-capacity batteries with a high degree of fault tolerance. Such technologies will help ensure the development of the region over the next 10-15 years. Various financial activities allow you to invest more money in the state economy and receive long-term investment plans for further actions.

Now the 1.85-MW solar, 1-MW/4-MWh project is developing thanks to a collective initiative. The main goal of the cooperation is to create new technologies for storing electricity and ensure maximum efficiency of current technologies. Thanks to the upcoming project, the company will receive an additional 13.140 kWh.

The new project is an ambitious solution for both companies and aims to create a new bridgehead for innovation in the state’s energy sector. At the moment, this is a planned innovative solution that will help large and medium-sized businesses get more technological correct solutions for gaining green energy. It will also contribute to the power generating in the state as a whole and will allow the development of new technologies to provide electricity to large auditory.

Practical cooperation will allow the two companies to develop a strategy for the next decade and determine the right product testing to provide citizens with solar energy throughout the year.

This project will be a short continuation of cooperation and a practical step for Creative Solar USA in terms of developing sun power and constructing new energy-saving systems. Such an approach to development will allow attracting additional investments and providing large businesses with new ways to grow up. The changes will also affect the private sector, where each user will be able to get new pros from such innovations.