The new 20-year EDF Renewables and CleanPowerSF contract will be the starting point for the 100-MWac tranche. Thanks to a new partnership, some 49,000 American homes in California will receive full electricity.

The site is designed for several solar projects and is located on a vast territory of more than 3,000 acres. The project was completed in October of the eighteenth year and is ready to provide clean solar energy to all users.

According to Dai Owen, Vice President, Power Marketing at EDF Renewables, this collaboration will be a significant event in 2020. The fact is that the new clean energy storage infrastructure is the future destination of the entire electric power industry. This long-term contract will help to establish partnerships and increase the amount of electricity produced throughout the state.

EDF Renewables and CleanPowerSF contract

It is worth noting that CleanPowerSF will help many enterprises and utilities to launch their solar energy projects. It is a non-profit program and is designed to serve more than 370 customers in San Francisco. It is worth noting that residents already receive about 96% of their electricity from renewable sources.

Project support allows customers to provide reliable energy and stimulate the entire industry as a whole. It is a new step in the development of the electric power industry, which will help to switch from fossil energy sources to renewable green energy. It is worth noting that CleanPowerSF seeks to improve the overall electricity situation in North America. Their projects aim to realize green energy and build a series of storages to manage energy flows. This initiative will maximize economic barriers and help many companies enter the renewable energy market.